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We create and disseminate new knowledge related to physical activity, sports, and physical education. We prepare scholars and researchers, physical education teachers, and sport specialists to deliver education, sport, and rehabilitative services for all segments of society. This includes special populations such as children, the elderly, athletes, and persons with disability, injury and disease.

We offer degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level in exercise science, physical education and sport management. These programs will apply knowledge, principles, and methods from the behavioral, biological, medical, and physical sciences to the study of physical activity and sport.

The Department of Kinesiology is a member of the American Kinesiology Association logo for American Kinesiology Association

Contact Details

  • Address:
    115 Ramsey Center
    330 River Road
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Department head: Janet Buckworth

Support our programs
Fulfill your PE Requirement

Fulfill your PE Requirement

All physical education courses that satisfy UGA's PE requirement are taught by graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology. If you are unsure which class is best for you, or have some questions about the requirement, please download our information sheet first.

Research Labs

Research Labs

By working in the Ramsey Center, students enjoy a wealth of hands-on experience in our many research labs. Work closely with faculty and peers who share your research interests.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

In the Department of Kinesiology, there are assistantships available in three areas: research, labs, and teaching. Gain professional experience while earning tuition remission.


Research Grants

  • Effect of Vibration on Muscle Properties, Physical Activity, and Balance in Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral palsy is the most common developmental disability in children. Therefore, identifying effective treatment strategies that lead to better muscle development and balance and increased physical activity participation is needed.

    Christopher M. Modlesky National Institutes of Health
  • NCAA-DOD Grand Alliance

    This investigation is poised to address the true natural history of clinical recovery of SRC, which has critical implications for improving safety, injury prevention, and medical care in athletes and military personnel.

    Julianne D. Schmidt U.S. Department of Defense (subcontract from University of Michigan)
  • The Physical Activity and Learning Program

    This program provides after-school enrichment aimed at improving children's health and stimulating their learning in reading and mathematics.

    Phillip D. Tomporowski Georgia Department of Education – 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • The Virtual Fitness Buddy Ecosystem

    Childhood obesity is a critical health issues facing children between the ages of 6-10. The Virtual Fitness Buddy Ecosystem is a system of consumer-grade digital devices to help children and parents move together toward a common goal of increasing moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity.

    Sun Joo Ahn, Grady CollegeNational Institutes of Health

Outreach Programs

Faculty and Staff

Thomas Alexander Baker III

  • Associate Professor

Ruchika Bansal

  • Senior Accountant

Dana Barnhart

  • Administrative Specialist I

Janet Buckworth

  • Professor and Department Head

Jarrod A. Call

  • Assistant Professor

Bud Cooper

  • Clinical Professor and Program Director for Athletic Training

Rodney K. Dishman

  • Professor

Chelita J. Edwards

  • Accountant

Jason P. Edwards

  • Research Professional II

Ellen M. Evans

  • Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
  • Professor

Logan Herren

  • Administrative Associate

Bradley Holmes

  • Student Affairs Professional II

Nathan T. Jenkins

  • Associate Professor

Becca Leopkey

  • Assistant Professor

Robert C. Lynall

  • Assistant Professor

Jill Manners

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Ilse S. Mason

  • Senior Lecturer and Basic PE Program Coordinator

Bryan A. McCullick

  • Professor and Coordinator of HPE Teacher Education Program

Kevin K. McCully

  • Professor

Emily Hagan Miller

  • Research Coordinator

Christopher D. Mojock

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Kim B. Norton

  • IT Professional Specialist

Patrick O'Connor

  • Professor

Steven Salaga

  • Assistant Professor

Paul G. Schempp

  • Professor

Julianne D. Schmidt

  • Assistant Professor

Michael D. Schmidt

  • Associate Professor

Tarkeshwar Singh

  • Assistant Professor

Michael Slonaker

  • Instructor

Anna Williams

  • Student Affairs Professional II

Sami Yli-Piipari

  • Assistant Professor

James Jianhui Zhang

  • Professor


Amazing Student: Mary Terry

November 12, 2018
As a student-athlete and a College of Education student ambassador, Mary Terry is committed to serving the campus and community and has been honored for that passion several times over.